A report from the 1 million tokes sales milestone

Kopi5 - A Case of Social Impact from Adopting BKND

During BKND presale, we made a promotion for the first one million token sale, where an adopter would receive a coupon for every $30 of purchase. The coupons collected were then drawn randomly, resulting in 20 lucky winners who each won 1,000 K1ND (BKND presale token).


Included in that promotion was a donation program to a community development project. We wished to give a chance to BKND adopters, the Kind Hearts, to do more than just holding a digital asset.
In April 2022, we announced that Kopi5 would be a beneficiary of our impact project. Today, we proudly announce that this impact project, which was made possible by you, our Kind Hearts, has been made into reality!

Thanks to the Kind Hearts, after the first donation distribution, Koperasi Kopi Purwa Raharja Sejahtera Pangalengan now has the followings:
– A roasting machine
– A huller machine
– A pulper machine
– A greenhouse


Here are some numbers to highlight, to show how much of an impact that you have brought for Kopi5:
100. More than 100 groups of farmers are now more productive, resulting in faster production times and better pricing when selling their coffee harvest
60%. Kopi5 can now process 60% of the coffee harvest independently, reducing dependency and cost on third-party processing services
2.8x. The output of processed coffee beans has improved by 280%. Farmers can now process 410 kg of coffee beans/day, a huge increase from 145 kg/day

Aside from these numbers, the purchase of the machines also contribute to other long-term and lasting effects, such as the fact that now farmers no longer have to be dependent to machine owners. They can now use these machines freely by being a member of the Koperasi.

Thank you once again to our great community of the Kind Hearts! Together with BeKind, let’s continue to make real, life-changing impacts.

the green house, built from the donation, functioned as a drying space